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Once again, wanting to let go,
of these filth drenched fears.

Terrified of living in a dream,
or a surreal reality.

Destroying my life bit by bit,
without even really trying.

"It is too good to be true",
it finally got to me.

I push everything away,
for it may be twisted.

Now I should realise,
what I had was true.

Life is not as cruel,
but my perception was.

I want it all back,
because finally I see,
everyone deserves to be happy,
even the worst version of me.

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When I was young,
I always dreamed of going far,
on the rainbows,
and beyond the stars.

I grew up thinking it was unreal,
that it could never happen,
my feet had to stay on the ground,
and i can never fly.

Tonight, you proved me wrong,
You took me beyond the stars,
a place I never knew it existed,
the connection of magic.

I no longer want to see the stars,
I don’t long to see unicorns and rainbows,
for what I wish today,
is to see you again and again.

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